Importance of color in vastu

Home colors according to vastu

Importance of HOME color AS PER vastu Shastra! and how the right choice of colors can help you?

Importance of color in vastu shastra

Have you felt more relaxed and peaceful in some homes which are decorated in vibrant colours and felt low & gloomy in homes that are painted in dark & dull colours?
Every colour of the rainbow vibrates at a different frequency or wavelength. Few colours of the Sun’s visible spectrum vibrate lower wavelength but are higher in energy, whereas other vibrate at higher wavelengths but low in energy. See the below picture:

Colours affect our moods, feelings, our thought process, personality, and our physical energy. Use proper colour in any direction can be bring positive changes in our habitat.
Natural light is required by plants and animal kingdom including humans for their cells to function properly and grow. When humans are exposed to different colours, their frequencies, changes their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Vastu is all about vibrations and energies.
As per Vastu Shastra, the environment has a tangible effect on your quality of life. Wall colour, colour of your curtains & bed covers, or decorating items like wall hangings or paintings will either make you uncomfortable, gloomy or enhance your comfort level. Spaces with harmonious colour will make you comfortable and stress-free.

Importance of colors as per Vastu shastra

Colours, pictures and objects are potent simulators and catalysts used in Vastu to enhance the positive energy of space and also as remedies for the vastu imbalance. You always feel blissful when you stride into natural surroundings because there is a subtle balance of colours ( Nature is BEST at it ). Alternatively, a walk into a pitch dark jungle, you feel s**t scared and pathetic because there is an absence of colours. Negative energy can be cut off by the use of appropriate colour.

Flow of energy in your premises designs your quality of life. All three types of energies i.e. Sun’s Light Energy, Earths’ Magnetic Energy and Earth’s Gravitational Energy, are the basic underlying principles of vastu. We can’t see it working but we can feel it’s working. Remember, we can’t see gravity but we feel its effects!

Colour guidelines as per Vastu shastra

Every direction in Vastu Shastra is associated with a specific color pallet, in accordance with the natural elements. For example, the South direction corresponds to the fire element and is best suited for shades of red. But unintentionally if colors like Blue comes there, which associated with the water element, it disrupts the positive attributes of the South bedroom, making it non-compliant with basic Vastu rules.
It is a matter of prime importance to take into account the colors of five elements within a space, including wall colors, curtains, floor mats, lights, and even paintings. Colors brings about a specific effect and can alter or transform the energy of the space. Connect us for proper guidance on directions and colors, to create your Vastu-friendly space and lead a blissful & prosperous life.

Pooja Room Colors According to Vastu Shastra

The colors used in the pooja room are equally important and any wrong choice of colors can affect the positive qualities of this direction. Gold, light yellow, white or cream colors are recommended for pooja room according to Vastu shastra for use in pooja room. These shades further enhance the properties of the North-east direction and take us to a higher state of mindfulness.

It is a big myth to use red shades in a pooja room, regardless of the orientation of the pooja room. As we learned above, red represents the element of fire and the presence of red color in the pooja room means the presence of the element of fire there. But the most ideal and most often followed direction for a pooja room is the North East direction which is considered as the brain of the house. Adding the red or fire element to the Northeast means adding the fire element to the brain of the house. So the fiery attributes are transferred to the occupants of the room in the form of aggression and create problems, which makes us feel that the Vastu Shastra is not working for us.

What are the best colours as per Vastu in Study area and kids room?

Wall colour is one the largest physical components in a study area and it stimulates students’ cognitive responses and affects their behaviour as well. The fact that colors influence kid’s emotions and alertness level. Positive colours helps student to concentrate and perform better in their studies. In a cheerful coloured environment, the brain is full of joy and disappointments are cut off. It makes them smarter. Research shows that some colors helps the human brain learn much better. A correct shade of color gives a positive energy while a wrong shade can demotivate the child also. Bright and bold colors seem too energetic in a bedroom. Study shows that academics are most productive in a blue environment. Some colours are so that creates a great, relaxed vibe for the learning.

Suitable colours:- Yellow (Freshness) Green (creative and refreshing) Orange(passion) Blue (intelligence)

Living Room colours as per Vastu

Painting can be tricky for you. It is important to make sure that your living area filled with positivity and different colors that energize the space. Warm and vibrant colours should be use in living area to promote better communication. It is said to create inspiration and encouragement. Orange is colours of fun suitable for living area. Colors suggested as per Vastu can create the best aura of your living room.

Suitable colours:- Orange (fun & comfort) Blue (communication) White (clarity & style)

Choosing a Bed room colors as per Vastu for young couple

The bedroom should be a place where romance and relationship are cultivated, encouraged, and celebrated. Colors have a way of connecting with loving emotions. Colours have power to spice up your relationship. Colors for the bedroom should ignite passion and harmony in the relationship. The chosen colors should bring love and harmony in the relationship. It should create positive but loving vibrations all around the room.

Suitable colours:- Pink and light purple (Love and harmony) Brown (comfort & grounding) Yellow (emotional strength, happy mood) Little Red (think of fire extinguisher, red work physically)

Kitchen colours as per Vastu

Kitchen, a food factory of your house. People invest a lots of money into kitchen because it is the most important room when it comes to the health of the family. Color in the kitchen should work like a magnetic attraction to cook the food.

Suitable colours:- Orange (food, warmth) Green (refreshment) Lemon yellow (health, body purification)

Guidelines for choosing curtain colors

1. Choose the curtain colours very responsibly taking into account the color of the wall and the direction of the rooms. A good choice is pastle-colored curtains (white, off-white, cream, gold, etc.). According to the principles of Vastu, these shades promote peace and tranquillity, so they are a good choice for the bedroom. As a matter of harmony, you must not hang black curtains or shades close black shades in the bedroom you share with your partner.

2. Curtains of the living room must be yellow, green or blue, depending on the direction of the living room. The colors of the dining room designed in southeast or south direction should be green, pink or brown, all according to the Vastu colors of the house. Colors like blue represent new beginnings and pink symbolizes romance. According to Vastu, bathroom curtains should be in white, cream and gold color scheme.

3. Place artwork on the northeast wall as suggested by the Vastu color theory. It would help if you stay away from black and red. Vastu teaches that placing portraits and paintings on the wall is as important as the color scheme of the room.

Quick Tips on Colors According to Vastu Shastra

Always use colors that are warm, bright and radiate a pleasant effect.

• Use very light colors according to Vastu Shastra, especially in bedrooms.

• Choice of colors to be used in a room should follow Vastu principles. It should be in harmony with the attributes of the zone and align your space with the laws of nature.

• Objects or landscapes that represent a particular element should be placed where they should be according to Vastu Shastra.

• Avoid using red tones in fabrics, lighting, etc. in the northeast direction of the room. This can create aggression in the house.

• Placing artificial flowers of a certain color along this elemental direction of Vastu strengthens the properties of that direction.

Negative impacts & Precautions

• Hot red in the children room may cause emotional pressure.

• Avoid excessive red in the kitchen which raises blood pressure of the person making a food.

• Avoid excessive Red that can arouse intense blood pressure.

• Dominating green shade in the couple may create boredom.

• Excessive use of yellow stimulates anxiety.

• Avoid gloomy or overly bright tones in the master as well as guest bed room.

• Darker shades do little to improve a kid’s room.

• In large amounts, yellow color tends to create feelings of irritation and furious.

• Refrain from using darker blues shades in the couple bed room. It evokes feeling of sadness.

• Avoid excessive bright yellow in the children room which causes crying, hyperactivity and, also short tempers in children.

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