Importance of Slopes in Plot / Building as per Vastu Shastra

Importance of Slopes in Plot / Buildings as per Vastu Shastra

A very ignored fact in vastu correction is the slopes, wo do not consider them as a big deal but they have significant effect on the overall energy flow of your premises. As a vastu consultant I, would like to draw your attention towards this very important aspect of vastu shastra.

In this Vastu blog I, Sanjay Kumar Rudra will guide you about Plot / Building Slopes as per vastu. Slope plays an important role in Vastu Shastra. Building Slope derives the energy flow of the building, and if the energy flows in the right direction, the residents living in the building feel a sense of well-being, and if the energy flow is in the wrong direction, the residents of the building experience different problems.

As per Vastu Shastra, the slope of the building should be from South to North and from West to East. And the ideal direction of the building slope is North-East. The angle of the building is determined by the maximum height of the building, which means that the energy flows down and the energy flow starts from the maximum height of the building. If the slope of your building is the North-East direction, i.e. the South-West part of your home/roof is at the maximum height, then you are close to well-being and if the North-East part of your home is at the maximum height, then you are in for the problems. t

As per vastu shastra principles, an "ideal Vastu compliant plot or property" should have the South-West corner as the highest point of the property, followed by the South-East, North-West and finally the North-East as the lowest point.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we have plenty of afternoon sunlight, which is not good for the health and that can be prevented with tall & heavy trees in the South-West corner of the plot. In addition, the lower part of the North-East corner helps to make the area more humid than all other corners of the property, which in turn helps to improve the air quality around the building throughout the day. Therefore, if the property slopes from South-West to North-East, the rainwater would naturally flow to the North-East corner according to the ideal Vastu plot topography.

Problems due to the slope of a building in South, South-West or West include high cholesterol, health problems. , blockage of money, lack of opportunities, etc. Negative inclination can be treated by simple Vastu remedies in the house.

Right Slopes as per vastu

Principles of Slopes as per vastu.

• A slope towards the East-North-East direction is considered favourable and
should be considered.

• Favourable directions like East, North-East and North, according to Vastu, there must be slopes outside the plot, while for opposite directions, a slope inside the plot is recommended.

• East, North and North-East sloping plots are considered favourable and beneficial for the habitants. But the South, South-East and North-West slopes are average for people. The residents will benefit a lot if the whole slope is in North-East.

• Down slopes to the East give wealth, prosperity, name and success to the residents. On the contrary, people have to endure problems such as disrespect, failures in various spheres of life etc.

• Downward slope is very auspicious in North-East and people can achieve unwavering success, wealth and success & peace of mind. Ascendant inclination in this direction leads to loss of wealth, ill health and failure of business.
• If the plot’s slope is West-ward, residents suffer constant illnesses, mental problems such as depression and loss of wealth.

• Upward inclination in the West bring positive results like success, good wealth & health and spiritual development.

• Enmity, accidents, theft and ill health are bound to appear if there is downward slope in the North-West. An ascending slope in this direction is beneficial and people gain success, wealth, move abroad and may even enter politics.

• Descending slopes in the North offer good results to the house occupants like wealth, prosperity and success. An ascending slope here in the North causes bankruptcy, depression and restlessness etc.

• In the South, an ascending slope is considered good and beneficial for good health, tranquillity, wealth and riches. A descending slope in the South leads to loss of wealth, ill health of women inmates, mental imbalance and poor health in general.

• Ascending in South-East is beneficial in many ways but less than South-West and declination in South-East is bad as it brings home health problems and financial problems.

• Upwards slope towards the South-West slope is considered the best and brings wealth, prosperity, promotion, obedient children, etc. But the opposite downward slope leads to chronic disease, premature death and participation in fights or misadventures.

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